Balinese Massage

We will select some of the finest techniques of relaxation for your body and mind

Masaj BalinezThis style of massage combines influences from a number of different cultures, including China and India. In particular, it is often linked to Ayurveda, an Indian holistic medical system which emphasizes bringing the body into balance. One of the main goals of the Balinese massage is a relaxed state of mind; to accomplish this, the masseuse may knead or fold the skin to promote the flow of blood, oxygen, and energy throughout the body
The Balinese massage uses a combination of gentle stretches, acupressure and aromatherapy oils to stimulate the flow of blood, oxygen and ‘qi’ (energy) around your body, and bring deep relaxation and wellness.

What is a Balinese massage good for?

Masaj BalinezA Balinese massage works deeply to soothe damaged tissue, and relieve strained muscles and joint pain. The boost to your circulation will help reduce stress and rebalance your body. Because it works very deeply into the tissue, as well as boosting circulation and harnessing acupressure and reflexology techniques, Balinese massage is a highly effective treatment for sports injuries. Balinese massage aims to help with a wide range of ailments, including migraine, muscle and joint pain, sleep disorder, stress, anxiety or depression, as well as allergies and breathing problems such as asthma. The use of oils is calming and sensual and leaves you feeling relaxed and serene.

Before you go prepare to feel smothered in relaxation, as this treatment soothes you from every direction.


It's a good idea to tell your therapist if you:

  • are, or think you might be, pregnant
  • have joint or limb pain
  • have recently had surgery or any other injury
  • have high/low blood pressure or a history of heart problems
  • have any other medical conditions or are receiving any form of treatment as this may affect the kind of oils and massage that is appropriate for you.

Hot tip!
Expect to smell pretty extraordinary after any massage that uses essential oils - you may want to enjoy that aspect and wait a while to shower. Just be aware that you may get some funny looks in the street smelling this luxurious. If you have to go to a meeting or other event after your massage, it may be appropriate to smell less like a botanic garden: shower before you go.

Pregnant Women Massage

Massage objectives for pregnant women are:

  • Maintaining general physical and mental tone;

  • Maintain or improve skin properties, especially its trophicity and elasticity to prevent appearance of stretch marks;

  • Maintaining body weight in physiological limits, by applying the adipose tissue massage;

  • Preventing or eliminating circulatory and lymphatic venous return from the legs;

  • Maintenance or overstretched muscle tone and control pain that occurs from the woman’s specific posture. Massage part can be recommended more often than general massage. In the last months of pregnancy can indicate massage of the upper neck and lower back. Massage shoulders and legs may be indicated in pregnancy. Massage legs can be used to prevent or combat circulatory disturbances, venous stasis of and / or nodes, muscle contractures. Chest massage should be avoided because the mammary glands. Abdominal massage is contraindicated throughout pregnancy.

Bamboo Cane Massage

Masajul cu Bete de BambusThe bamboo cane replaces the therapist's hands, and it is able to give a deeper, firmer massage, can stimulate antibody production and strengthening of the vital components thereof, such as to improve the blood circulation . Furthermore, the technique of pressure and frictional sliding produces a fluid dynamics that encourage drainage and tissue regeneration. Important to combat cellulite and reshape the silhouette.

Masajul cu Bete de BambusThese rods provide our body and mind to a state of deep relaxation to avert the tensions accumulated during the day. In the experience "stems are used in different diameters and lengths to calibrate the pressure , they produce various sensations that cannot be replaced by any other therapy. With a soft texture and a different variety of bamboo used each produce a specific effect on the body.

The results of bamboo massage are visible from the first session:

  • Remove cellulite and restore skin elasticity;
  • The pressure moves relaxing the muscles;
  • The run movements, surface is drained, and toxins are eliminated;
  • Your skin will be more elastic, firmer and the appearance of cellulite will decrease obviously, and stretch marks;
  • blood flow is intensified.

A session lasts between 30 minutes and an hour.

Did you know?
Bamboo is one of the must multifaceted plants in our planet. It has earned its reputation from its noble and soft appearance as well as its perseverance under harsh conditions. In the Orient, bamboo symbolizes strength, fertility, youth, prosperity and peace.
Bamboo has a unique energy all of its own, one that has a special magnetism; this plant emerges from the earth and grows straight and tall, as if it wants to reach the heavens.


An ancient healing therapy, reflexology works on the principle that all body organs are connected to reflex points in the feet, through constantly flowing energy channels.

Massage of these reflex points aims to improve well-being by restoring the natural flow of body energy.


Kinesiotherapy term is defined as movement therapy rehabilitation programs conducted by pursuing recovery of diminished or increased operational functions in various sufferings.

Physical therapy is a form of individualized therapy that , based on exercise programs ,static and dynamic , it can be used in therapeutic programs prophylactic ( preventive ) , healing and recovery.

Prophylactic Therapy that includes all methods and means of achieving treatment seeking : maintaining a satisfactory functional level , functional level rise ( primary prevention or gymnastics , walking, jogging, aerobics to maintain health ) , the application of programs to prevent worsening or development of complications in some chronic diseases ( secondary prevention )

Curative Therapy type that is associated with the prophylactic type of recovery;

Physical Therapy recovery section which is most important in the rehabilitation program and monitored by means of exercise programs : restoration of decreased function , the increase in the functional development of compensatory mechanisms in the event of adjustment function ( for example , if a muscle is irreversibly damaged , it tries toning other muscles which take part functions in order to achieve acceptable limits movement ) .



A specialist and absolute leader in italian Perfumery° in body treatments, Collistar has formulated an entire range of products that allow every woman to have a toned and smoothed physique that is always in top shape. The result of the most advanced cosmetic-dermatological research.

  • 30/35 Special Perfect Body
  • 36/38 Anticelulita Strategy
  •       39 SPA Treatments



Masaj on siteExfoliating Body Scrub Regenerating Silkifying gentle exfoliator with maracuja powder suitable also for dry and delicate skin

Not just a simple scrub, but a beneficial multifunctional treatment which renews the skin of the body in a few minutes. The product owes its effectiveness to a skilful combination of an exclusive blend of exfoliating powders with active principles which regenerate the skin and provide extra moisturization and nourishment.
Exfoliating effectiveness - The synergy of maracuja powder, bamboo and pumice guarantees targeted and effective exfoliation which gently removes dead cells, roughness and thick skin that hinder respiration and slow down the physiological turnover of the skin cells. Extract of Moringa Oleifera, with its specific purifying and anti-pollution properties, frees the skin from toxins.

Results: The skin is renewed more quickly and is instantly soft, bright and ultra-smooth.

Regenerating effectiveness - Thus renewed, the skin is then able to fully benefit from the rich blend of active principles contained in the scrub. Amaranth oil and mango butter, rich in phytosterols and vitamins, nourish, moisturize and revitalize the skin. Vitamin E fights free radicals and skin ageing. Extracts of chamomile and helichrysum soothe and protect. As a final touch, grapefruit water tones the skin and gives an intense sensation of freshness and comfort
Results: The skin is regenerated and instantly ultra-soft, silky and velvety.

Pleasure and treatment in one single gesture - An ultra-sensory texture and delicate citrus scent makes this scrub especially pleasant to use, transforming it into a luxurious indulgence which, from the very first application, gives the body the texture of porcelain.


Masaj on siteMulti-Active Deodorant 24 Hours
An extremely soft and delicately scented cream which is absorbed in few seconds, is non-greasy and guarantees the • long-lasting deodorising effectiveness of a supertested antibacterial active principle • nourishing, soothing and protective effectiveness of rice milk • soothing effectiveness of hawthorn extract. Perfect also after depilation. Anti-perspirant. Do not use on sore or broken skin.

Multi-Active Deodorant 24 Hours
A milky, highly-absorbent and delicately-scented emulsion that leaves on the skin an impalpable film of protection and freshness. Guarantees the • long-lasting deodorising effectiveness of a super-tested antibacterial active principle • moisturizing, softening and protective effectiveness of oat milk • soothing effectiveness of chamomile extract • intense freshness of a derivative of menthol. Perfect also after depilation. Anti-perspirant. Do not use on sore or broken skin.

Dry spray with cotton microfibres
An extra-fresh and delicately-scented spray enriched with special ultra-micronised cotton fibres with high absorbent properties. Dries quickly, leaving the skin fresh, soft and silky. Guarantees the • long-lasting deodorising effectiveness of a super-tested antibacterial active principle • superabsorbent, softening and protective effectiveness of cotton microfibres. Recommended for those who are intolerant to aluminum salts.

Hyper-sensitive skins spray with aloe milk
An environmentally-friendly spray without propellants, designed especially for fragile and reactive skin. Formulated without alcohol, perfumes or parabens, it minimizes the risk of intolerances and guarantees the • long-lasting deodorising effectiveness of a super-tested antibacterial active principle • moisturizing and nourishing effectiveness of a blend of oils and glycerine • ultra-soothing, refreshing and softening effectiveness of aloe milk and chamomile extract. The special milky, impalpable and ultra-delicate texture of the product is quickly absorbed, leaving the skin exceptionally soft and giving an immediate and persistent sensation of freshness and comfort. Anti-perspirant. Do not use on sore or broken skin.


Masaj on siteSuper-Nourishing Rehydrating Fondant Cream
Besides intensely nourishing, deeply moisturizing and restoring tone and elasticity to the skin, this cream has an extremely pleasant texture which pampers and gives a sensation of well-being to the body. Designed especially for dry and sensitive skin types, it combines high performance, well-being and multi-sensory pleasure. Formulated with valuable vegetable waxes and butters, it gives immediate softness to the skin and guarantees a long-lasting nourishing and moisturizing action, eliminating roughness and the unpleasant sensation of ‘tight’ skin. Ultra-rich and buttery, it blends luxuriously into the body, enveloping it in a rich film of nourishment and silky-smooth softness, absorbing in an instant and leaving no traces.

Deep Moisturizing Fluid
A true deep moisturizing treatment, this product combines the effectiveness of a highly advanced formula with the light freshness of an instantly-absorbed fluid to give the body tone, vitality and exceptional softness. Thanks to the synergy of three valuable moisturizing agents – marine plankton, aloe and hyaluronic acid – it rehydrates the skin and provides intense and constant hydration, guaranteeing the tissues an optimum hydrolipidic balance in any climatic and environmental conditions. The addition of retinol, vitamin E and unrefined wheat germ oil also ensures a targeted energizing and anti-age action.

Super-Moisturizing Toning Hydro-Spray • instantly absorbed • extra-quick application • 24-hour effectiveness
Evanescent and ultra-penetrating, this high-tech spray is applied in seconds and absorbed instantly, enveloping the body in an extremely long-lasting moisturizing film. It owes its effectiveness to a new technology known as microfluidisation, which produces the revolutionary ‘molecular film’, a kind of invisible ‘sheath’ that holds the active principles on the skin and optimises their penetration, guaranteeing 24-hour effectiveness. Suitable for all skin types, it is ideal for the summer months and essential for giving the body an effective and ultra-fast treatment when time is short.


Masaj on site1. Elasticizing Dermoplastic Fluid dry skins
Recommended especially for dry skin lacking in elasticity, this rich fluid supplies the skin tissues with extra nourishment, thanks to a mix of unrefined wheat germ oil, vegetable ‘collagen’ and allantoin. Ideal after bath or shower, it is quickly absorbed and leaves the body smooth, toned and silky. Used regularly, it effectively prevents the skin from slackening and keeps it soft and velvety.

2.Intensive Anti-Stretchmarks Cream with Elastin-Plus special pregnancy and slimming diets double boosted effectiveness: preventive and repairing
Collistar Laboratories have boosted the effectiveness of the anti-stretchmark treatment with Elastin-Plus®, an exclusive complex which is the fruit of extensive research and meticulous experimentation.
Preventive effectiveness Thanks to the combination of Lysine, Leucine, Carnitine and Valine (amino acids naturally present in skin tissues) with a mix of peptids of plant origin, Elastin-Plus® fights stretchmarks on all fronts, by: • contrasting elastase and collagenase, enzymes especially active during pregnancy and in puber ty, which destroy elastin and collagen and are the main causes of slackening of the skin and the formation of stretchmarks; • favouring the regeneration of damaged fibres of the dermal matrix; • stimulating the production of new elastic fibres; • redensifying, recompacting and reinforcing the epidermis, thereby preventing the formation of stretchmarks at times when the skin is under increased stress, such as during pregnancy, puber ty and weight-loss diets.

Repairing effectiveness - To minimize existing stretchmarks and reduce their size and unesthetic pink colour, the cream features the synergic action of 6 vitamins (A-B5- C-E-F-PP) which revitalize the tissues, stimulating cell turnover and the physiological healing processes of the skin. The effectiveness of the product is completed by the addition of hyaluronic acid and shea butter, which intensely nourish and moisturize the skin.


Masaj on siteAnti-Age Lifting Body Cream • smoothing • recompacting
In one single extraordinary product the anti-age power of a scientifically advanced formula, the immediate and lastinglifting effectiveness of two tensor active principles the multi-sensory pleasure of a cream with an ultra-smoothing, melting texture.

Anti-Age Lifting Body Cream carries out four complementary and synergic actions.
1) Recompacts, restores and performs a powerful anti-age action.
The exclusive Vitaskin®E , a complex obtained by combining Omega 3 and Omega 6 with a special, long-lasting form of vitamin E, • energizes the skin cell metabolism, regenerating and revitalizing the skin; • reinforces the supporting structure of the epidermis; • stimulates the production of fibronectin and new collagen fibres and distributes them evenly in order to restore the compactness and the elasticity typical of young skin.

2) Smoothes the body with an immediate and long-lasting lifting effect.
Special film-forming substances immediately smooth the skin whileSuberliftTM, an active ingredient of plant origin, carries out a long-lasting lifting action.

3) Renews, refines and brightens the skin.
The product owes its effectiveness to three different substances. A gentle, next-generation exfoliating system (Peelmoist), based on papain, accelerates skin renewal, refines skin texture, minimizes imperfections and makes the skin extremely smooth, soft and radiant. A glucoside, which gradually releases pure bio-available vitamin C, guarantees an effective illuminating, antioxidant and anti-free radical action. Special soft-focus powders evenly distribute the light, giving the body exceptional brightness and an even, silky perfection.

4) Nourishes and moisturizes.
Hyaluronic acid and argan oil provide extra hydro-nourishing factors that make the skin soft, supple and velvety


Masaj on site1.Dermoplastic Bath With Sea Algae ideal for hydromassage
Even a simple bath can become a complete beauty treatment with this innovative product. Concentrated, versatile and extraordinarily effective, it applies the principles of balneotherapy, chromotherapy and phytocosmetics. Thanks to its special formula it acts on three fronts: • Cleanses the skin with extremely gentle non-foaming dermo-purifying substances which keep the skin soft and supple and make the product ideal also for hydromassage. • Smoothes, tones and firms the skin tissues and helps to contrast the unsightly effects of cellulite thanks to the addition of extracts of ivy and marine algae.
Gives the organism a sensation of rest and well-being through its intense green colour, which relaxes both body and mind.

2.Firming Shower Oil
A daily beauty treatment which guarantees perfect hygiene and silky-soft skin. The result of an extremely advanced technology, this oil is based on a highly concentrated mix of pure oils and extracts of linden and rose, which *cleanse the body gently, leaving it soft and moisturized even without the use of after-bath products, and *contributes to giving tone, vitality and compactness to the skin, preventing slackening and making it extraordinarily smooth and silky. The dual function of perfect cleansing and treatment is carried out by simply massaging a small amount onto the damp body and rinsing it off with the shower spray. The dermo-nourishing and emollient substances perform a firming and moisturizing action on the skin. The delicacy of the product makes it ideal for use after exposure to the sun and for prolonging the tan.

3.Intensive Firming Cream
A soft cream combining the effectiveness of an exclusive mix of active ingredients with the pleasure of a rich texture that is ultra-absorbent and extremely easy to apply, making it ideal also for massage. Its formula is based on the unique dermo-firming synergy of three substances - vegetable elastin, equisetum and creatine - which safeguard and strengthen the fibres of collagen and elastin and make the skin of the body more toned and compact. Targeted nourishment and deep hydration are guaranteed by a mix of active principles, including non-saponifiable olive oil, protein-rich wheat germ, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E.

4.Toning Firming Oil with natural essential oils
Silky and very easily absorbed, this marvellous oil combines the toning power of six pure natural essential oils with the effectiveness of a highly advanced formula rich in elasticizing, firming and nourishing active principles which, day by day, visibly improve the compactness and elasticity of the skin. A valuable contribution is given by the exclusiveCollagener®, an active principle which stimulates the fibroblasts to produce Collagen I, most beneficial in firming and stabilizing the skin tissues.

Super-effective and multifunctional, the product offers a dual use - apply to dry skin for an intensive firming massage or to damp skin and then rinse off under the shower for a quick firming and toning treatment that leaves the body extraordinarily soft and ultra-smooth without the need to follow up with other products, thanks to the addition of Suberlift®, a lifting substance of plant origin

Suitable for all skin types, it is also recommended for preventing slackening and stretchmarks during pregnancy and slimming diets.


1.Saline Slimming Cream draining reshaping for the body with sea salts and Slimming Complex

Formulated specifically for those with problems of fat associated with water retention, this innovative specialty combines the effective slimming action of the exclusive Collistar Slimming-Complex® with the intensive draining action of concentrated marine salts, which act specifically on fluid retention to ‘deflate’ the areas treated. The treatment is rendered even more effective by the special ‘sheath-film’ texture of the product that accelerates the results

The results? From the very first applications, there is a pleasurable sense of lightness and the areas treated look “deflated”: smoother and more toned. Then, with the continuation of the treatment, the effects gradually appear more clearly and the silhouette is visibly reshaped.

2.Reshaping Body Slimming* Treatment “pressotherapy” effect
Collistar Researchers, introduce a new slimming treatment inspired by beauty salon pressotherapy techniques designed to lighten and reshape the figure. The effectiveness of an exclusive blend of active principles is boosted by an intense and targeted microcirculation reactivator, thanks to which the product has an effect on the par ts treated that is similar to that of pressotherapy

  • “Pressotherapy” effect - The combination of an innovativebiostimulating principle with escin and extracts of red grape and bilberry, with specific vasoconstricting and vasoprotective proper ties, acts on the microcirculation, performing a kind of “vascular gymnastics” that simulate the mechanisms of pressotherapy.
  • Slimming reshaping action - To help reduce localized fat accumulations, the product features the exceptional power ofTotal-Slim®, an exclusive Collistar complex combining three substances that act in different ways on fat cells and water retention. A high concentration of pure caffeine stimulates the activity of lipases, the enzymes in charge of breaking down fat, while carnitine helps to eliminate it. The slimming effect is boosted by the draining action of ruscogenine, the active ingredient of butcher’s broom.
  • Firming and elasticizing action - A special bio-peptidestimulates the activity of fibroblasts, while protecting and strengthening the collagen fibres and dermal proteins responsible for the compactness and elasticity of the skin, thus making thebody firmer and more toned.


Masaj on site1.Bust Firming Cream-Gel NEW PRODUCTS immediate lifting effect
The beauty of the breast largely depends on the compactness of the skin tissue that covers and supports it like a real “natural bra”. Especially designed to strengthen this tissue which, with time, but also after pregnancy or weight loss, tends to slacken, this treatment guarantees a threefold effectiveness.

  • Immediate lifting effect - Thanks to the combined action ofhyaluronic acid and beta-cyclodextrin, the product encloses the skin surface in a film which, like an invisible “cosmetic bra”,supports and reshapes the bust.
  • Firming and reshaping* effectiveness The combination of two different plant extracts results in an intense recompacting action on the structures of the breast skin tissue. Extract ofPadina pavonica algae stimulates the activity of fibroblasts, cells responsible for producing collagen and elastin, while extract of Kigelia Africana, highly rich in bioflavonoids, performs an intense dermo-firming action, favouring the gradual reshaping of the bust.
  • Elasticizing, anti-slackening and anti-age effectiveness To reinforce and prevent the breaking down of the supporting elastic fibres, the product contains an innovative microencapsulated complex that is activated only during massage, thus ensuring that its many properties remain intact until ready to use. In addition to its great elasticizing power, it is also able to combat free radicals and the degradation of collagen and elastin, thereby helping to prevent the formation of stretch marks.

2.Intensive Bust Volumizing Serum Night with plant stem cells
Collistar rediscovers the power of the night with the creation of an absolutely brand new product that takes advantage of the special nightly biorhythms of the skin’s tissues to boost the volume and compactness of the bust during the night. The components of the formula have been carefully selected and combined to act according to a precise synergy which guarantees rapid and visible results. The brand new Voluform™ stimulates nightly adipogenesis fostering the increase of the adipose tissues of the bust. Stem cells of Centella asiatica accelerate the physiological turnover of the skin’s cells and stimulate the synthesis of collagen and the other proteins in the skin on which the suppleness, compactness and firmness of the skin depend, giving the bust increased tone and firmness.


Masaj on site1.Intensive Abdomen and Hip Treatment Night with plant stem cells
Collistar rediscovers the power of the night with the creation of an absolutely brand new product that takes advantage of the special nightly biorhythms of the skin’s tissues to slim and reshape abdomen and hips. Its components have been carefully selected and combined to act at night according to a precise synergy that guarantees rapid and visible results. Extract of coralline Algae counters the nightly assimilation of fats. Stem cells of Echinacea stimulate the elimination of excess fluids and make it easier to reduce fat deposits. Red chilli pepper and menthol stimulate the microcirculation and the mobilization of fats. The futuristic Micro-Patch® retains the active ingredients and gradually releases them, making the treatment effective and active all night long.

2.Abdomen & Hip Treatment reshaping effect
This specialty performs a targeted and intensive action on the abdomen and hips, redesigning the appearance of these areas. The new boosted formula is enriched with an exclusive Remodelling Complex®, which increases the effectiveness of the product and makes it ideal for controlling the waistline which, with the passing of time and hormonal changes, tends to become heavier. The strong point of the product is the combination of red pepper and menthol which, by generating a hot-cold effect, exercise the vasomotory function, which stimulates the microcirculation and favours the mobilisation of fats. Easily absorbed, the cream is designed to be applied with a gentle massage, which is essential for getting the most out of its properties. A tingling sensation and reddening of the parts treated indicate the activity of the treatment.



The absolute leader in anticellulite products°, Collistar is the only cosmetics company that offers ‘made to measure’ treatments for every type of cellulite - an all-round anticellulite strategy made up of different yet complementary treatments which work 24 hours a day to effectively fight the problem of cellulite. Choose the product that best suits your specific needs!

Tips for a winning Strategy Against Cellulite

  • Take care of your body all year round rather than waiting for the ‘bikini test’ to face the issue.
  • Put into effect a real strategy based on a combination of the products most suited to you.
  • Prepare the skin to get the most out of the anticellulite treatments with a revitalizing and draining scrub (Talasso-Scrub and Anti-Water Talasso-Scrub) and, once a week, treat yourself with a soothing and toning bath (Dermoplastic Bath with Sea Algae).


Masaj on siteSuperconcentrated Anticellulite* Night Treatment with active Micro-Patch
Innovative, easy to use and extraordinarily effective, it owes its success to the exclusive Micro-Patch®, which guarantees double effectiveness: • Allows an extremely high concentration of active anticellulite principles to be carried through the skin and released gradually during the night, when the skin tissues are the most receptive to treatment and the active ingredients are more readily absorbed. • Wraps the body in an invisible ‘reshaping sheath’ which makes it instantly smoother and more compact. The exceptional effectiveness of the formula is guaranteed by a superconcentrate of powerful anti-cellulite substances. Caffeine and carnitine help to reduce localised accumulations. Escine and extracts of ivy and butcher’s broom intensify the nightly draining of liquids. Thanks to its special concentration, just a few drops applied to the areas affected with cellulite are necessary to obtain visible results from the very first morning. Formulated especially for night-time use, it is ideal either as an individual treatment or as a additional treatment to accelerate the results of daytime anticellulite treatments. Night after night the effects of cellulite are progressively reduced and after one month of treatment the silhouette appears completely remodelled.
Scientifically proven effectiveness: 80% of the women claimed it reduced the circumference of the thigh and diminished the orange peel effect.


Intensive Anticellulite* Serum with plant stem cells “ultrasound” effect
This revolutionary specialty uses the exceptional properties of Echinacea plant stem cells to perform an intensive anticellulite treatment

The anticellulite force of stem cells
Unprecedented effectiveness thanks to the extract of stem cells of Echinacea, rich in caffeoyl-quinic acids, substances that • keep fluid retention under control, •stimulate the reduction of adipose deposits and inhibit collagenase, the enzyme that deteriorates collagen.

The “ultrasound” effect
Contains Phytosonic®, and innovative lypolitic complex which acts on on the adipose cells with a mechanism similar to that of ultrasounds.

Ultra-practical and super-effective
It doesn’t require massage, absorbs instantly and makes the skin more toned, firm and smooth. Day after day, the inesthetisms of cellulite diminish and in a short time the body appears reshaped.


Anticellulite* Cryo-Gel immediate lifting • cold effect
Collistar Research offers the synergy of aromatherapy and cryocosmetics (from the Greek kryos, meaning ‘cold’) to fight the problem of cellulite. This revolutionary gel combines the aromatherapeutic effects of pure essential oils with the effectiveness of a highly advanced formula intensified by cold, which stimulates the microcirculation and, consequently, the activity of the active anticellulite principles contained in the product. In addition to fighting the ‘orange peel’ appearance it guarantees an immediate lifting effect, thanks to the exfoliating action of a mix of plant alpha-hydroxy acids, which tone up the skin and make it smooth and velvety. Extremely pleasant and ultra-penetrating, it is applied in moments and absorbed instantly, ‘lifting’ the surface of the skin with an immediate tensor effect.


Anticellulite* Thermal Cream with sea algae and essential oils - long-lasting effect
With its extraordinarily effective dual action treatment for fighting cellulite and firming up the tissues, this cream is based on an exclusive formula combining six different types of sea algae with thermal water and a superconcentrate of firming principles and draining phyto-extracts. The result is an ultra-intensive and targeted action against the ‘orange peel’ effect and localised accumulations, with a progressive remodelling of the areas treated which, in a short time, appear firmer, smoother and more toned. The addition of Fomblin HC 25®, a special substance which holds the active principles on the skin in the areas treated, prolongs the activity of the formula and intensifies the results. Soft and easy to apply, it is also ideal for massages.


Anticellulite* Thermal Gel fluidifying anti-water
Fresh, light and instantly absorbed, this gel is especially recommended in case of cellulite associated with water retention and tired legs. Its extraordinary efficacy is the result of a dual innovation created by Collistar Laboratories: • A revolutionary system of carrying based on Transcutol®, which accelerates the penetration of the active principles • The unique synergy of thermal water, caffeine and phyto-extracts of arnica, horse chestnut, butcher’s broom, blackcurrant and ginkgo biloba, which guarantee four synergic and complementary actions: draining, slimming, anti-fatigue, revitalizing. From the very first applications the skin appears soft and smooth. Then, as the treatment progresses, the skin tissues acquire greater tone and the effects of cellulite diminish

Masaj on site

Four Hands Massage

An unique and indescrible moment.Two trained Spa therapist, working in perfect harmony, will rejuvenate your body with the healing powers of aromatherapy oils and a mixture of traditional and international styles of massage including Shiatzu, Thai, Lomi-Lomi, Swedish and Balinese.


Experience a classic, full-body Balinese, deep tissue or aromatherapy massage for you and your partner. Couple’s massage is realized at the same time by two therapists in a special room for two therapies - that includes 2 massage table.



  • 60 MINUTES ...............................................................50 RON
  • 45 MINUTES ...............................................................40 RON
  • 30 MINUTES ...............................................................30 RON


  • 45 MINUTES ...............................................................45 RON


  • 30 MINUTES ...............................................................30 RON


  • 45 MINUTES ...............................................................45 RON


  • 20 MINUTES ...............................................................20 RON


  • 20 MINUTES ...............................................................20 RON

Four Hands Massage:

  • 45 MINUTES ...............................................................80 RON


  • 50 MINUTES ...............................................................100 RON

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